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SODY9CPKM6 Fixes issue where Quickr Connectors "Quickr://" links received in Notes stop working. Also requires Quickr Connectors HF17
ARAR9BTK96With the following Notes.ini, the Notes Browser Plug-in will be shut down immediately after the last Notes Browser Plug-in tab is closed by the...
SVRO9BWUW3Fixes issue where when installing 2 Mac hotfixes in a row on release 9.0 causes a provisioning failure on the 2nd hotfix installation. This is a...
SHEZ94TKNXAddressed an intermittent Notes Client crash that would occur on Windows 7 and above.
Hide details for Client UIClient UI
SFBI96NRSQFixes intermittent Notes client crash when the Admin client is opened from within the Notes client
JKAE9EYEYWFixes Notes Client crash during configuration
YLJA9GPDC7Fixes Note Client crash that occurs when the date field of a form is clicked.
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KMUR7HNKAHFixes Domino Server crash on imap task with PANIC: OSBBlockAddr: Bad BBlock handle (7B0000) when there are a large set of documents to...
WWHN972KZRFixes Domino Server crash with Panic: Semaphore Invalid Or Not Allocated After Recovery Manager: Log File Is Full.
KHAN8L8W59Fixes issue that could result in a new profile document getting created in a user mail file with the server name as the owner. This would occur...
PALT8WXPLQ Fixes an issue in functon NSFItemConvertValueToText that would return the length up until NULL and not the entire length. if a NULL character was...
JPAI9F2LZ9DBMT, when using an indirect file .IND, would not recognize a filename in the .IND that did not have an .NSF extention. This addresses the problem...
PMAO9DDJEBFixes Domino Server perfomance issue when running DAOS prune with a large backlog.
JPAI9BLR63Fixes issue where running multiple processes while fixup is running may block processes not working on the database being fixed up and may result in...
JPAI9BTGERFixes a rare issue when compacting very small databases which results in missing UNKs and database corruption.
JPAI9FEMXEPerformance improvement in DbGetModifiedNotesInfo allowing for more concurrency.
JPAI9D5KCZ Fixup has been modified so that it discards corrupted Encrypted Notes to keep copy style compact from failing
JPAI9FELG3Fixes issue where Very Soft Deletes are broken when 2 vsd's of the same note are interspersed with a search
JPAI9D6MNCFixes Domino Server panic with "Should find DB in list due to Lock or APIStart", i>=0)) failed in databasedue to fixup writing a page for another...
JPAI9BTGAXFixes issue where issue where creating a new replica ontop of existing replica corrupts database when in dbu cache. causes a server crash with PANIC:...
BCOE9FCPW4Fixes Domino Server crash with "LockMemHandle() Handle 0xC0180DC6 is not allocated"
JPAI9FELAUFixes issue where very soft deletes are causing excessive I/O's, which drives up the I/O cost up.
RMAS9GRS5QFixes issue where response documents get lost in the view once the number of response documents added to that view euqals the number set with the...
JPAI9FMH2TCompanion fix needed for JPAI9BLR63 that was also fixed in 9.0.1 FP1.
JPAI9CAJT6Companion fix needed for JPAI9BLR63 that was also fixed in 9.0.1 FP1.
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LHEY9D6DSFFixes issue where ipening a design element via shelling out to Designer.exe does not work.


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